Saturday, April 16, 2011

newspaper and stuff

hi penguins were back! :) And did you know that The Awesome CP cheats is almost a year old!!!!??? ya on april 26th we turn one!! well have a party :)

Hehe now theres a new newspaer :) It says theres 2 new costumes for earth day; snow leapord and african painted dog :)

and normal swarm is back at the stage :) i dont know why its called normal swarm coz its not normal :) LOOLLL :)

events: earth day and easter party - april 21
rockhopper comes to cp - april 21

enjoy new stuff on cp :)

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Friday, February 18, 2011

The puffle party :)

heuy guys the puffle partys here :) Heres the free items at the : Plaza and puffle show :)
lol and the puffle show is for members only :( so we asked slidoo if we could use his pic he said ya so thanks slidoo :) And cadence is walking around cp too :) Yay loollllll :) theres a tracker at cp agents ( and monchocho. ( :)

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

februarys coming with fun

februarys coming with fun just like other months on cp :) look at the peak billybob posted :) i edited it a bit :)
lots of puffles stuff :) i see a puffle party a brown puffle a puffle shop and ya NEAA A A A A A :)

coz im very exited about puffle party it starts february 18 are you exited?

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Friday, January 28, 2011

guess what were back to the awesome cp cheats!!

Guess what were back! :) But we have sad news Foopyblue2 and slippeestars quit cp :( nooo we miss you :( we even wrote a song about slipee :) But NOW THEYRE GONE NOO WHY WHY WHY oh and toysbogens gone too :( I think his names actually toysgoneby NEAA A A A  A A :) so anyways were back with cp cheats :) well bring them better than you ever got them :) were having slidoo help us a bit and bobhead is supporting us :) Yay and we also found a new coolblog its called "monchocho." :) monchocho. is a very good blog :) Loollllll :) you can see monchocho. at were adding moncocho. to the cool sites page :)

so anyway last time The Sly Fly was the main poster this time Ill post the most :) yay neeaa a aa a :)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

moving on to OMG CP new site!

our site stinks like cow poop coz we never post and noone comes here ever :( so we need to start fresh and add more funk so we made a new websites thats funky :) we quit this site forever and we wont come back but we now post cheats at: :) come see it :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pin and catalog and field op 9 WOAH LOL LOTS! ?:)

heyyyyyyyyyyy there LOLZ.
Srry we havent posted for quite the time weve been doing some family stuffz ya know what i mean ;)
so we arent quitting but instead well be postin it ALL in one post NEEEEEEEAA a aaa :) lol
for the pin: it is in the boiler room it is a compass and its green soz yeah now you got the pin :)
for the catalog you go onto the first page and you click on the mountain top for the green hiking boots
then on the first page click the lime green penguins foot for a lasso to WHIP YO MOUNTAIN WITH neeeeaaaa LOLZ : D
on the next page click the top of the tree for the blue duck thing blow up floaty
then click the brown pengs eye for some rok climin gear
then next there is a new penguin at work :) it is a penguin safty dood...LOOL neeeaa a a
so then also some new bks and you r ready to clim the nountain have fun :)
for the feild-op you go to the hq for orders :) go to the socer feild for the cash box stand by it :) your phone will ring and flash greeeeen NEEEEAAAA i am too funny LOLZ ; D
then play the mini game :) match the pic with the fallin pics to get some points for epf gear/store stuffz

thanks byeeee bope u like my post -secuer manure posted this LOLz
yeah its meh if you were wonderin im feelin good im still in meh wheely chair i can spin and stuffz but i cant dso much so i will be posying the least POSTING lol typo NEAA : D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


hey the sly fly here :) cp has released stamps! :) Just click the stamp icon on your playercard and starrt collecting loolll :") im bad at getting stanps rofl :) loooollllll NEAA A A :)  There are lots of ways you cn get them! :)

and theres a pin now called the compass pin ooo it has a bad word cp shouldnt do that :) loolllll :)  anyways its found at the room below the nightclub the boilerroom :)

so theres the updates :)

posted by The Sly Fly